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Barbados - Single Island Blend
Cane Island Single Island Blend Barbados.jpg

Tasting Notes:

Fully matured in ex-bourbon casks for up to 8 years in the tropical climate of Barbados, which resulted in a well-balanced rum with a full bodied and rich flavour. Notes of vanilla, coconut, toffee and toasted marshmallows and subtle oak tannins with a long and round finish. Drink this rum straight, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail. Enjoy it how the people in Barbados would, slowly and easy going.


  • Country of origin: Barbados

  • Distilleries in the blend: Foursquare Rum Distillery and West Indies Rum Distillery

  • Age: 3-8 years old

  • Type of ageing: tropical aged in former bourbon barrels

  • Distillation: pot- and column still

  • Base material: molasses

  • Strength: 40% alc.

A bit of background about the Rum: 

Our Tasting Notes:

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