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Thailand - Single Estate - Secret Distillery
Cane Island Single Estate Thailand 5YO.jpg

Tasting Notes:

Copper brown colour. A gentle rum with character. This column still aged rum has a great balance between spicy oak flavors and delicate sweetness, with hints of vanilla and tobacco. The tropical ageing in Thailand has really performed well, and let to a mature aged rum after ‘just’ five years of ageing. The mouthfeel is smooth and soft, which makes this rum either a great base for a cocktail or a rum to drink straight.


- Country of origin: Thailand

- Distillery: Secret Distillery

- Age: 5 years old

- Type of ageing: tropical aged in former bourbon barrels

- Distillation: column still

- Base material: sugarcane molasses

- Strength: 43% alc.

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