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Thailand - Single Estate - Secret Distillery

Tasting Notes:

A gentle rum with character. This column still aged rum has a great balance between spicy oak flavors and delicate sweetness, with hints of vanilla and tobacco. After distillation in Thailand, the tropical ageing in Thailand has really performed well, and let to a mature aged rum after ‘just’ five years of ageing. The mouthfeel is smooth and soft, which makes this rum either a great base for a cocktail or a rum to drink straight.


  • Country of origin: Thailand

  • Distillery: Secret Distillery (the distillery in Thailand does not allow us to share their distillery name, because it is their trademark)

  • Age: 5 years old

  • Type of ageing: tropical aged in former bourbon barrels

  • Distillation: column still

  • Base material: sugarcane molasses

  • Strength: 43% alc.

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